An Extensive Look at Munster Slot Game

Created and released by International Game Technology, Munster Slot is a standard five-reel slot variation that works on a nine-pay line game. Some of the interesting features of the game that attract many gamblers in casinos are its colorful, interesting and attractive graphics and icons. In addition, players can also enjoy the slot version because of its enjoyable game play and simple rules. For those who are not familiar with this game, it is best that we have a closer look on the important aspects and basic elements of Munster Slot.

Munster Slot Machine’s Coin Options

Slot machines that feature this interesting game is equipped with different coin options like cents, nickels, and dollars. Meanwhile, for the convenience and enjoyment of casino players, most of these machines accept up to 20 coins. Likewise, for those who are in search for excitement and great thrill, they can always try the 20-payline version of this machine that is commonly found in some big casinos.

The Slots Moving Pay Lines

Unlike other slots game that allows a one-way directional win, Munster Slot has pay lines that either move from right-to-left or vice versa. This set up allows players the chance to hit more extra games and at the same time earn more amounts of bonus coins.

Munster Slot Wild Icons

The game offers two wild symbols, Herman Munster and Grandpa Munster that add more excitement to the game. Herman Munster icons serve as the game’s wild symbol as well as a multiplier. In addition, these icons can also substitute other icons in the game. Hence, players get five times their initial bets if they get one wild icon in any active pay line. Furthermore, their winnings are multiplied by 25 if they get a couple of Herman Munster icons.

The Slot’s Dragon Bonus Game

The game also features Herman’s pet Spot, which looks like a dragon that stays at the basement. Getting more than two of this icon starts a bonus game. A short film clip of Spot spewing fire will appear on the screen. After the smokes are gone, certain amount of coins are revealed that correspond to the player’s bonus game earnings.

The Slot’s Munster Match

This bonus game is the most complicated bonus the Munster slot machine is offering. The bonus game starts when five Munster coin images appear on the machine’s screen. Players will see on the screen a set of Munster coin images, where they are required to pick one from the set. Each icon corresponds to any member of the family.

Each Munster family character has an equivalent icon number between one to six. In addition, each character has a particular amount of coins underneath. However, players must be careful not to turn a three times Munster coin icon for it will ends the bonus game.

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