Hotel Casino Perla; The Pearl of Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has many interesting casino hotspots and you will be surprised how well they can be compared to the big casinos of Vegas or Macau. The eastern European romantic and classic flair coupled with the modern structures make these eastern European casinos a place worth visiting. We will review the biggest eastern European casino hotel which is the Hotel Casino Perla.

The Hotel Casino Perla is located at Kidriceva 7, 5000 Nova Gorica in Slovenia. When people think of Slovenia, there is little that they can associate with and sometimes people even think of Slovenia as a developing country, but as soon as you take a look at Hotel Casino Perla, you will realize that Slovenian architecture and service is very avant-garde.

With a total of 250 rooms and suites, Hotel Casino Perla tries to provide comfort and class to the staying guests. The rooms are decorated in a very modern style with a lot of warm colors such as brown, beige and yellow. The Hotel Casino Perla has a very cozy atmosphere even though the actual size of the casino is large.

The most important facility in the Hotel Casino Perla is the casino. The casino has a large gaming area decorated in blue and silver tones. The whole casino atmosphere shouts modernism and urban style. Hotel Casino Perla has 1008 slot and video poker machines, a total of 12 poker tables and 37 other table games. The selection of table games includes American and French Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, 30-40, progressive poker and many more.

Besides the large casino and gaming opportunities, the Hotel Casino Perla also has other amenities and even family oriented facilities, which can make the Hotel Casino Perla family experience. These facilities include several massage centers, spas, indoor swimming pools, a sauna, a fitness centre, solariums, canoeing and even a children’s playground.

The Hotel Casino Perla is also a excellent provider of outside activities. They offer services like babysitting services, bicycle rentals, and even packed lunch services for the outdoor activities. The Hotel Casino Perla also has five distinct culinary services. These consist of three restaurants, one bar and one caf?. The three different restaurants cater to different classes of audience. There is the restaurant for the gourmet, but also for the gourmets who have to spend a lot. Then there is the more affordable restaurant.

The Hotel Casino Perla make Slovenia and eastern Europe a great place to visit and the casino experience of Hotel Casino Perla will definitely be worthwhile.

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