Many people fly to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble to their hearts content. Many people win but many more lose. Many people who stop to think often wonder how this is possible. With many people gambling everyday, why do a small number of them win but others do not.

Every player knows that the casino or house has a larger percentage of winning than the players but it is not the only reason why casinos win most of the time.

Here are the some real time reasons why people lose at land based casinos:

1. Free drinks – a players reasoning is clouded and players start to make decisions without thinking them through. Players start to make mistakes. 2. Scantily clad women – an age old ploy to make men divert whatever hand they are playing to glance at them. 3. The noise on the casino floor – The ringing and flashing of lights only give the player a false sense of hope, and tells the player that someone on the floor, aside from the player, is winning. 4. The lighting – the casinos deliberately create an environment that gives the illusion that time goes by quickly. Most casinos are built with no windows and no clocks are ever displayed. 5. Oxygen buzz – many casinos use oxygen pumps on the floor to make the players seem high and alert so they play and lose more.

For online casinos, these are the advantages:

1. No alcohol present. Players can opt not to travel to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge as well as a sandwich. One advantage is that the kitchen is never crowded. 2. Players can create a noiseless environment. By playing at home, gamblers can opt to turn up or down the volume when they feel irritated or need to concentrate on their game. Lack of noise would also help the player think more clearly. 3. No scantily clad women. Distractions at home are limited by the radio and tv. It is easier to deal with the two than with women. 4. Windows are present at home. Homes aren’t built like casinos so unless one does their gaming in the basement, more than simple distractions would come to pass.

Gambling online simply makes more sense and can enable the player to make the most of their gambling time. The only difference is that when players lose money at home, they can just opt to sleep it off.

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