Playing Online Scratch Cards

Our society today is moving towards gaining a life to be more convenient for everyone. Through Internet almost everything can be in our reach. The newest item that was just introduced via online is the gambling form using scratch cards.

Before getting a scratch card would mean going out and going to the nearest kiosk and buying the card. Today you can choose to buy these cards online. All you need to have is a computer and an Internet connection. Scratch cards are also called pull tabs, instant ticket and scratcher. Today these cards are offered in many gambling websites.

They are played pretty much how you would play the usual card you buy from a shop. These online cards are scratched first by using the mouse to click them. Once clicked the hidden part will be revealed which would tell if you won or not. It is indeed a convenient game. It saves the time and effort of the player. The player may not go out and he will not use his coins or fingernails to scratch the cards.

Players can buy two kinds of scratch cards online namely:

1.First there is a scratch card that is downloadable. This would require the player to have a program downloaded first in his computer before he can play. The downloaded program will be connected to the card provider and it will handle the game.

2.There are also some cards that are based on the website. You can play these cards direct on the site. The player does not have to download a program. The browser on your computer should support the website. There is usually a chat support you can talk with that helps and assists the players for any delay or problem.

Some websites can add some design on the online scratch card. Some companies even give the cards some appealing names to entice more players to play. The cards’ designs and the webpage’s design is usually about sports.

The prices for an online scratch are not the same for all the websites. The typical price is around two dollars up to six dollars. There is even another variation where they give the biggest jackpot reaching up to one hundred thousand dollars.

The odds however for online instant cards are bigger than the regular cards bought in a kiosk. In general each player has a one out of five chances in winning from a kiosk. In the online gambling website you just have to buy a third card to win. The online casino regularly posts how much the prize is. Whereas the prize for the regular instant cards is still unknown until the next day.

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