It’s a bit difficult to pinpoint exactly where Poker began.

The unclear rooting of Poker has many possible “mother-lands”. Technically speaking there are so many variants to the game that it makes it even harder to give you one straight answer. Most believe that the game of Poker traces back to the Chinese dominoes. {around 900A.D.}.

The Emperor Mu-tsung and his wife where seen playing “domino cards” on New Year’s Eve in 969.However, there are also some that say Poker came into play from the Persian game “as nas”. Though only traced back to the 17th century,” as nas”, is a five player game, played with a special deck of twenty-five cards having five suits.

Another premise believes that the game stems from the French “poque”.When the French landed themselves in New Orleans {around 1480}, they were said to have played a card game that included bluffing and betting. At this time, the different suits of the cards, such as hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades where said to have been “discovered”.

It also seems that pieces of the cards may be dated back to the 12th or 13th century in Egypt.And then again, there are those that say the modern cards came from “Gajifa”, an Indian card game.All these philosophies are very widespread and unstable as you can see.

But the history of Poker in the United States seems to hold foot on a more stable ground and has a more reliable documentation.Poker is known to have started from New Orleans, and then widened by wagon and train.

During the Civil War, alternative Poker games where introduced, such as “stud poker”, the “draw” and the “straight”.The European touch on the Poker game faded, as the “joker” card now presented itself as a wild card in 1875.

As we are familiar with new recent gambling laws, in 1910 Nevada decided that the “betting” game was a crime.The Attorney General of California didn’t agree and said to have acknowledged the game of “draw poker” as a skillful game.
However, “stud poker” was illegal because it centered by sheer chance.

Of course many, who loved the game, went further to create an even bigger table of draw poker games.In 1931, Nevada repealed its decision and legalized casino gambling.

So, the history of Poker is a rich one dated back generations ago. It is apparent that Poker is still “live and well” and is growing with each generation to heights of royalty.
Poker is a world shared game enjoyed by all!

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