Playing slot machines doesn’t have to be expensive. There are slots of all various denominations to suit any budget. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get extra money so you could play slots longer?

If your answer is yes, you want to know about bonus money.

What is bonus money?

Internet casinos are at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting new customers. Unlike their brick and mortar cousins, virtual casinos can’t offer you free drinks, snacks, hotel suites or plane tickets. So instead they offer you what’s called ” casino bonus money.”

Casino bonus money is money that is added on top of your initial deposit to a casino web site. With bonus money, you can play more for less than what you bought in for. Each casino has its own bonus money terms. The bonus may be a flat amount like $50 or it may be a percentage of your deposit like 100%.

Giving away bonus money is dangerous for casinos. This is because some games of skill – specifically blackjack – can be won consistently by advantage gamblers who use correct strategy. With bonus money added to their bankroll, these gamblers can wipe out the house advantage and run off with huge profits.

Some casinos therefore may limit the use of bonus money to games that cannot be beaten by advantage gambling methods. An example of this is slot machines. Slots are games of chance that the player cannot win at all save with luck. The good news is that if you like to play slots, you should have no trouble finding big bonuses. Some casinos offer up to 300% for slots play.

Now there is one thing to remember with bonus money: You have to finish the “playthrough” requirements as they are called before you can withdraw the money (if you can at all). Playthrough requirements often require you to wager a set amount or a set number of times. This is because the longer you play slots, the more likely the odds (which are in the casino’s favor) will show and you will lose. The casinos don’t want you to profit from the bonus money, you know!

Here is some advice for choosing bonus money:

– Read the terms and conditions of use VERY carefully. – Find out how to obtain the bonus money and how to cash it (if it is cashable). – Make sure the games you play (slots or not) will be credited to your playthrough. – Find out which slots are eligible. Are progressive jackpots included?

Now you know how to select the right casino web sites for bonus money. Use it wisely while playing slots and other games. If you do profit from the bonus, be sure to show your loyalty to the casino you go from by playing there often. It keeps them in business.

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